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Umutuzo lodge is a place dedicated to serenity in Rwanda.
Ideally placed on one hectare of land with a beautiful slope,

the lodges have a breathtaking view of Lake Kivu while maintaining the necessary privacy.
Built in natural materials (wood, lava stones, traditional bricks, ...), the lodges offer a space of well-being.
The 60 meters of connection to the lake Kivu, with its beach, create a feeling of infinity and tranquility.

Still under construction, the project should be completed by November 2024.
Even if everything is done to minimize the impact,

it is very likely that you will encounter workers and hear certain construction-related noises.



Umutuzo lodge will offer two kinds of lodges:

Urukundo lodges offer you a spacious bedroom, a kitchen area, a fully equipped bathroom and, of course, a covered terrace with a breathtaking view of Lake Kivu through which you have access to an additional outdoor shower.

Ubucuti lodges will offer you a fully equipped living room with a kitchen area, a spacious bedroom, a fully equipped bathroom (shower and bath) and, of course, a covered terrace with a breathtaking view of Lake Kivu through which you will have access to an additional outdoor shower.

Food & beverage

In our future spacious fully wood restaurant with three spacious terraces (1 covered and 2 uncovered), you'll be able to enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view on the lake.  
The cook will prepare local and international dishes.

Most of the fruits and the vegetables will come from the organically grown vegetables and fruits garden.
Located along Lake Kivu in Rwanda, you can't avoid its delicious fish caught daily (Sambaza, Tilapia, Captain, ...)


Look around & activities

Established in a region characterized by the beauty of its nature, you will be able to take advantage of the lake Kivu and the surrounding hills to relax and discover the jewels of Rwanda.
The edge of the lake Kivu is organized to allow you to practice sports or relaxation activities.

Some local activities are worth the visit.


Umutuzo lodge is a secure place day and night with ample private parking.
All the paths to the lodges, to the activity and beach areas are built in natural stone and illuminated.

On the 60 meters connected to the lake Kivu, you have access a beach.
A future multi purposes sand area of 18/36 meters will allow you to enjoy any activities.
Hikers can pitch their tents on a specific area with an access to toilets and a bathroom with shower.

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