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Umutuzo gendo

Umutuzo gendo is the tour operator service powered by Umutuzo lodge.

Via Umutuzo gendo, we offer tailor-made stays in the land of a thousand hills.

How is it working?

It is very simple.

You give us your travel dates and your main and/or specific wishes and we will take care of organizing your stay in permanent interaction in order to achieve 100% satisfaction in total transparency.

A wide choice of activities is available to you, including:

Rwanda gorilla volcanoes park, Umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

The Volcanoes National Park including Mount Muhabura (4127 m), Mount Gahinga (3474 m), Mount Sabyinyo (3669 m) and Mount Bisoke (3711 m) is home to mountain gorillas but also golden monkeys, spotted hyena, buffaloes, elephants, black-fronted duiker, and bushbuck.

The park also harbors 178 bird species including at least 29 endemics to Rwenzori mountains and the Virunga’s

Akagera national park, Umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

You’ll be able to see, among a large number of wild animals, the big fives which are:

the Lions,

the Leopard,

the Buffalos,

the Rhinoceros,

the Elephants.

Nyungwe National Park, Umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

The Nyungwe National park which is the biggest forest of Rwanda where you’ll be able, mainly, to track the Chimpanzees, to hike on splendid tracks (from 2 to 8 hours), to walk on the canopy, …

Lake kivu, umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

89 km long and up to 48 km wide, Lake Kivu is the sea of Rwanda.
Surrounded by magnificent hills, Lake Kivu is covered with a multitude of islands.
The coasts of the lake are shaped by splendid bays sometimes hiding magnificent beaches.
Life there is calm and quiet.

Kigali City, umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

The greenest and cleanest city in Africa, Kigali offers you great activities including the Kimironko market, the genocide memorial, the Urban wetland, Fazenda Sengha, ...

Kings palace museum, Rwandan culture, umutuzo gendo, best tour operator

Rwanda suggests a multitude of museums including:
Ethnographic museum
king palace museum
Rwandan art museum
Richard Kandt museum, ...

Satisfaction Guarantee

Throughout the preparation of your stay in Rwanda, we will work closely together to achieve the ideal trip.
After each proposal, in relation to your expectations, you will be able to modify your stay in order to achieve 100% satisfaction.
If for reasons beyond your or our reach, certain activities must be canceled and if no costs have been incurred, you will be reimbursed.
At the end of your stay, a balance of costs (including additional or canceled costs) will be produced.
A possible invoice or credit note may be produced.

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